The chemical symbol for GOLD as an element is AU. This symbol is derived from the Latin word ‘Aurum’ which loosely translates to ‘Glowing dawn’ and was used in ancient Rome to describe gold.

Gold is one of the few elements occurring in nature in its pure state; it does not tarnish and is non-toxic. An ounce of gold can stretch for 2,000 km and still maintain its integrity to conduct an electrical charge.

J’Ouvert Gold, embodies the essence of Carnival: Bands stretch for miles hugging the neckline of the city, as masqueraders frolic in untarnished beauty and spectators consume their non-toxic splendor. Ours is literally the gold standard of J’Ouvert excellence. J’Ouvert Gold will provide a safe and enjoyable experience that will entice ‘Players’ to return. Gold painted revelers will add a touch of elegance to the ‘Opening’ of Carnival.

J’Ouvert Gold will be different, J’Ouvert Gold will be seen, and J’Ouvert Gold will be remembered.


Riverside Avenue, Mount Hope.
Trinidad. West Indies.
"Where Glamour Meets J'Ouvert."

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